IoT Benign And Attack Traces

Data Collected for ACM SOSR 2019

Attack & Benign Data

Benign Data


Flow data contains flow counters of MUD flow, each instance in the file are collected every one minute.
Annotations contains information about the start, end time of the attack and corresponsing MUD flows that are impacted through the Attack. More information about the device and the attacker can be found in here
Below is an example of the annotations from the Samsung smart camera.
eg: “1527838552,1527839153,Localfeatures|Arpfeatures,ArpSpoof100L2D”
The above line indicates that the start time of the attack to be 1527838552 and end time is 1527839153. "Localfeatures|Arpfeatures" explains that it should impact the local communication and ARP protocol. "ArpSpoof100L2D” means that the attack was arpspoof lauched with the maximum rate of 100 packets per seconds. In order to identify the attack rows in flow stats you can use below condition.
“if (flowtime >= startTime*1000 and endTime*1000>=flowtime) then attack = true” -- This corresponds to the line 4470 to 4479 in the samsung smart camera.