IoT IPFIX Records

Data Collected for IEEE LCN 2021

IPFIX Records


Each zip file contains IPFIX records of local and remote flows of the devices in our testbed over one month period. List of the devices and their MAC address can be found here. For more information about IPFIX information elements please refer to YAF.


Original IPFIX data which we used in our paper had missing records for Jan 28-31. We fixed it and uploaded the new records.


IPFIX records were collected and supplied by KDDI Research Inc., Japan.

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A. Pashamokhtari, N. Okui, Y. Miyake, M. Nakahara, H. H. Gharakheili, "Inferring Connected IoT Devices from IPFIX Records in Residential ISP Networks", IEEE LCN, Virtual Conference, Oct 2021.