MUD Profiles

IoT devices are increasingly being implicated in cyber-attacks, raising community concern about the risks they pose to critical infrastructure, corporations, and citizens. In order to reduce this risk, the IETF is pushing IoT vendors to develop formal specifications of the intended purpose of their IoT devices, in the form of a Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD), so that their network behaviour in any operating environment can be locked down and verified rigorously.

We have developed a tool that takes the traffic trace of an arbitrary IoT device as input and automatically generates the MUD profile for it. We have generated the MUD profile for 28 consumer IoT devices we analyzed. In what follows we make our data and tool publicly available.

Blipcare BP meter

TP Link Camera

Citing our data

A. Hamza, D. Ranathunga, H. Habibi Gharakheili, M. Roughan and V. Sivaraman, "Clear as MUD: Generating, Validating, and Applying IoT Behavioural Profiles", ACM Sigcomm Workshop on IoT Security and Privacy (IoT S&P), Budapest, Hungary, Aug 2018.


MUD Generator